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Dance shoot information


We offer a variety of photo sessions held on location at your dance studio and/or theatre. These include costume sessions for Nutcracker or other winter performances, & spring performances or year-end demonstrations. In addition we offer a session of dance portraits done in simple class attire, in either color or black & white, creating an artistic study that is both classical and timeless.


We are always available to you to shoot your dress rehearsals and /or performance photos as well as other publicity needed.



We custom tailor all our sessions to the particular needs of your school or company in terms of what we offer to the school as well as to the students.


We work with you to establish the most suitable date & time frame for your session. We then promote the session with printed order forms we provide to be distributed to the parents/students. We also exhibit an attractive display of our work at your studio.


In our many years of experience with dance schools we understand how to achieve a very successful and rewarding session for all involved.



What makes us unique in both our approach and our finished product is our professionalism and background in this highly specialized field of dance photography.


The photography is done entirely by Andrew DiCambio personally, an accomplished professional photographer and receipient of several National Awards in dance photography. The dancers are each posed both correctly and artistically. Our posing is done by Sandra Sandonato, a professional

artist and costume designer with extensive knowledge and background in

ballet technique.


We work quickly and expertly as a team, paying special attention to the

dancer's line & form as well as expression & lighting.


Our aim is to achieve a unique quality that is representitive of both our professionalism and yours.


The result is exceptionally beautiful dance portraits combining the art of

photography with the art of dance at affordable prices.


References upon request.